10 Amazing Ideas to Choose A Wardrobe

Wardrobe ideas

Wardrobe ideas

When it comes to choosing a wardrobe that fits all our requirements to the T, most of us are stumped!


Because there are so many considerations that need to be made before finalizing the most suitable one.

Wardrobe ideas
Wardrobe ideas

But now you can make your wardrobe selection easily, with these 10 amazing tips to guide you.

1. Determine size requirement

First and foremost, you need to figure out how big a wardrobe you really need. It must be proportionate to the space inside your room and also spacious enough to accommodate all your outfits. Choosing the right size of the wardrobe is the first step to justify its luxury and beauty in your room.

2. Arrange space inside

Would you like to go for a wider wardrobe or do you need one with more shelves and a couple of drawers? Or would you choose a taller one that provides ample hanging space for all your favourite suits and dresses.

3. Select material and quality

If the other pieces of furniture in your room are wooden, then, of course, a wooden wardrobe should be chosen. Otherwise, you can go for durable laminates, metal or acrylic too.

4. How many doors

Depending upon needs, wardrobes can have single to multiple doors. If you share your wardrobe with your kid or spouse, then it is better to go for multiple doors – two, three or even five! But in compact rooms, multi-door wardrobe would cause a definite space crunch.

5. Sliding doors

A brilliant way to save space yet get the desired compartments is to go for sliding doors on your wardrobe.

6. Glass or wooden door

While waxed glass doors look really classy, it means putting in more effort to keep your clothes organized, and maintain the wardrobe regularly. With wooden doors, no matter what you keep in the wardrobe, once the door closes, your room looks clutter-free!

7. Choose the shade

Many people like matching shades of furniture, while others like to experiment with colours. But if you have long-term use in your mind, then choose a timeless shade of wood veneer or wood finish that looks classy too.

8. Select a design

You can design your own wardrobe and put your own creativity to make it look eye-catching, simple, trendy, or even classic. But make sure that the design synchs well with your room décor and other items in furniture.

9. Use mirrors

The best way to make a compact room look spacious is by using mirrors to cover the doors of your wardrobe. This is also a great way to de-clutter and brighten up your room.

10. Cost

Last but certainly not least, you have to have to budget in mind. It is also a good idea to fix your budget first and then go about hunting for a wardrobe and customizing it to your personal preferences. The materials used, quality, design and every aspect will, of course, influence the cost, so it is always a good idea to stick to what works best for you from all respects.

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