10 Most Common Pregnancy Questions Every Pregnant Woman Ask

Common Pregnancy Questions pregnant woman ask

Common Pregnancy Questions pregnant woman ask

During pregnancy, lots of common questions arise in mind of pregnant women like what to do or not. In this article we explain some common questions which help each and every pregnant woman.

Common Pregnancy Questions pregnant woman ask
Common Pregnancy Questions pregnant woman ask

10 Common Pregnancy Questions

Q1: During Pregnancy which activities are safe to do?

During pregnancy as per doctor prescription there are several activities you can enjoy at home or outside like swimming, yoga classes, etc. Swimming will strengthen your whole body, support your weight and keep you cool. Yoga classes relax your mind and keep you away from stress. In this fast life, it is important for pregnant women to do these activities to remain active and fit.

Q2: How much caffeine can I drink during pregnancy?

During Pregnancy, most health organizations & FDA suggests drinking Caffeine limited to 300 mg per day because caffeine passes quickly to the baby through the placenta causes miscarriage and adversely effects child growth.

Q3: Is it safe to drink herbal Tea during Pregnancy?

It is not necessary that every herbal suits pregnant women because herbal tea is made up of different types of herbs so without your doctor prescriptions don’t drink herbal tea. During pregnancy drink only those herbal teas contain ingredients such as apple, cinnamon, orange etc.

Q4: During pregnancy why I am feeling so tired?

During pregnancy, women experience this as fatigue, which is very normal. Different types of changes occur in a pregnant woman’s body like metabolic changes, low blood pressure level; hormonal changes etc. contributes to fatigue. On the daily basis women should check their supplements as given by their doctors to deal with this fatigue.

Q5: Is it safe to play tennis during pregnancy?

Yes, it is completely safe if you are playing before pregnancy. It’s better to play doubles and if you are not playing it before your pregnancy than firstly consult your doctor and after that play according to your medical conditions.

Q6: Tell me some cures for morning sickness?

During Pregnancy cures for morning sickness are:

  • Maintain distance from spicy food or gas forming foods.
  • Drink lot of filtered water, energy drinks, lemon tea etc.
  • Eat potato chips, dry cereals to help with morning nausea.
  • Keep away from strong odour like open your window or switch on the exhaust fan while making food.
  • After small durations eat 5-6 meals a day.
  • Maintain notes to keep in mind which food cause worst reactions.

Q7: During pregnancy what changes occur in respiratory system?

During pregnancy Nasal stuffiness due to estrogens induced hyper secretion of mucus is a common problem occurs. The best way to cure this problem use saline nasal spray. Following changes occur in the respiratory system are inspiratory capacity increases to 5% , residual volume decreases and minute volume increases up to 40% , respiratory rate remains constant etc.

Q8: Is it safe to take headache medicines during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, try to avoid headache medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen because it adversely affects the child growth & development. If you are suffering from migraine then consult your doctor and eat according to prescription.

Q9: Why it is important to take prenatal vitamins?

When you are pregnant your body has to bear the weight of two persons one is yours and another is your child, that’s why during pregnancy, you are required to take some additional vitamins in your diet like iron, folic acid, calcium etc. for a healthy baby. Don’t select vitamins yourself, firstly consult your doctor and after that take it as per your body need.

Q10: Tell me how can I prevent my stretch mark?

During pregnancy, it is common problem occurs. For this massage your skin daily with a moisturizer contains vitamin A & E and drinks lots of water.

Hope this article will help you at some extent.

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