10 Signs Prove You are Having a Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a long 9-month journey and is really a complicated baby making process within the womb. Doctors can assess a pregnancy by checking ultra sound reports or by evaluating blood and urine report etc. of the expecting mother.

But what about a carrying mother? What about a common person who wants to assess if the pregnant lady in her house is dealing with a safe pregnancy?

Well, some signs and symptoms will tell you really if the expecting mother in your house is enjoying a safe pregnancy or not. A healthy pregnancy may involve healthy diet, putting healthy weight, healthy sugar level, or no complication of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc.

Pregnant woman picture by myluxidream

However, check here for 10 signs, which can be considered as safe signal asserting a healthy pregnancy.

Morning sickness and mood swing

Morning sickness and mood swing may seem unusual a problem but it is one of the quintessential symptoms of pregnancy. For few ladies these two symptoms remain persistent for almost 7-8 months whereas in some cases expecting ladies may face these problems in initial days only.

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In both the cases change of hormonal balance in body initiates the problem. Until the discomfort reaches its summit, morning sickness and mild mood swings are signs of healthy pregnancy.

Normal Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels

One of the prime indicators of a healthy pregnancy is the normal blood sugar and blood pressure level of the mother carrying the baby. However, this monitoring should be extended all through the pregnancy period and doctor’s opinion should be counted as the final one about its normal condition.

Uterus and placenta

Uterus is the place where the baby gets to grow and placenta is the natural water sack that keeps the baby protected. From the day 1 of pregnancy to the end, uterus and placenta should be in safe and healthy condition for the complete well being of the mother and the fetus. Healthy development of uterus and placenta is one of the signals of a healthy pregnancy.

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Special focus should be kept on uterus and placenta because anomaly in placentation or uterus position may lead to miscarriage.

The growth of the fetus

The growth and development of the fetus is a systematic one, although doctors approve that every pregnancy is a unique one. By doing ultrasound, the growth of the fetus can be measured properly.

If the growth of the baby is detected sluggish, generally it is apprehended that lack of oxygen in the uterus is causing the problem. Ultimately, anomaly in oxygen supply in uterus may disturbance in functioning of placenta as well.

Weight gain is a significant symptom

If the expecting lady has maintained an average healthy weight before her conception, doctors, in an average, expect 13-15 kg increase in her total weight gain. This weight gain is not an overnight process and it is seen especially in 2nd trimester.

Increasing weight of the expecting mother signifies proper development of placenta as well as of the baby, which is one of the significant signs that the pregnancy is developing well: it is a sign healthy pregnancy progress.

Hormone level

Some change in hormone level is expected in a pregnant woman and that induces some abrupt physical change like sudden hair growth in face, back, leg, arms, etc. areas. During this time, some women may observe sudden change in nail growth also.

Some of the pregnant women may start facing eye problem: common problems are blurriness of vision and discomfort in contact lenses, etc. Unless these problems are affecting quality of life of the pregnant lady, these signs can be counted as symptoms of a healthy pregnancy. Symptoms will go off naturally after the child birth.

Belly growth and skin problems

With the advancement of pregnancy belly of the pregnant woman starts expanding and her abdomen gets changed from flat or concave shape to convex shape. At the same time, the curvature of back seems to increase. Stretch marks will appear on the expanded area and because of these stretch marks, skin of these areas become itchy.

Due to constant change of hormone balance in body, some pregnant women may face problem of freckles, mole, and black spots in body, especially in facial area. These are also common signs of pregnancy progress in an uneventful way.

Growth in breast

During pregnancy, body gets prepared for the lactation period immediately after the child birth. As a healthy symptom of body’s transformation, breasts gets swollen, becomes tender, and sometime the nipples and areola becomes darker.

Some women may face problems of protruding veins on the breast area because of its rapid growth. The sudden change is breast may seem irritating, but it is a healthy sign of smooth pregnancy progress.

Fetal movements

Doctors keep track of the baby’s movements inside the womb as fetus movements are one of the significant symptoms of a healthy pregnancy. By 6th -11th weeks of pregnancy, the carrying mothers start feeling the movement of fetus within the womb. Fetus movement right on time ensures healthy progression of pregnancy.

Some physical complications are healthy symptoms

During 3rd trimester, a pregnant lady may face some problems like overheating, sweating, leg cramp, developing varicose vein, etc. These problems are irritating and may cause mood swing for a pregnant woman.

However, these are common complications of smooth pregnancy development and can be considered as healthy signs of pregnancy unless any of these complications become ultra-intense.

Some expecting mothers may face problem of sleeplessness: this happens at the last phase of pregnancy. With the help of pregnancy pillow the problem of sleeplessness can be reduces to some extent.

These are some of the signs of proper development of pregnancy. However, none of these signs are serious unless these symptoms hamper well being of the mother in a major way. A pregnant lady rather should consider these symptoms as healthy pregnancy signs.

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