5 Indications/Signs that You are Pregnant

Signs you are pregnant

The moment when you conceive you are the first person to get the indication. Yes would be mommy we are talking about you! It happens when the eggs that are fertilized gets attached to the uterus wall. That immense feeling of happiness somehow knocks you the first. Often within ten days or less would be mommy acknowledge with the fact of conception.

Signs you are pregnant

The common and simple way to know that you are expecting is when you miss the regular cycle of your periods. There may be some other way by which you have got the hint that you are pregnant but the top 5 reasons which is seen common among most of the ladies who are expecting are as follows:

1. Tingling and prickling nipple

The supply of blood to your nipples increases with the increase of pregnancy hormones in your breast. A sense of tingling could be felt around the nipples and could be regard as one of the earliest hint of pregnancy. Often it gets noticeable in seven days of early pregnancy. In the later stage of pregnancy the sensation around the nipples decreases.

2. Cramping or light spotting

During periods most of the female have spotted some spots in their body parts. Your knickers may appear stained with brown color or during wee the cramp feeling is quite common. Though researchers have failed to explain the reason behind the presence of spotting in the beginning period of pregnancy!

Generally the expert have predicted that it could be due to the process of egg implanting that take place inside the uterus or due to the hormonal changes due to the pause in your menstruation dates.

3. Sick feeling

It won’t be right if one say that sick feeling is common among the pregnant ladies as few luckiest one may succeed in escaping them completely. Those who get affected with this morning sickness faces this indication while they are about to complete the one and a half month.

The tendency of frequent vomiting, queasy or continuous sickness is the most common feeling that an early pregnant mother will face. Though doctor had named it morning sickness but apart from its name it could occur at any point of time. Many have seen complaining severe headaches too!

4. Swollen and tender breast

You may feel an extreme tenderness in your breast in about six month if you are pregnant, though the similar situation arises when you are having your periods. The difference is your breast will not only appear large but swollen with the visible blue veins under your skin. During the first trimester of pregnancy the tenderness could be seen commonly.

5. Tired feeling

You will be the owner of a new life and holding the weight of someone who was never there before may tire you time to time. Exhausted and irritated, this is what you may feel almost with every passing moment! Pregnancy and hormonal changes both adds more to this tiredness.

No matter what but remember you are blessed with the power to give birth to a new life so do not forget to enjoy every moment.

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