Cheapest Apple iPhone Mini to Launch in September

Latest rumour news on iPhone mini suggests that luxury apple brand is going to launch its cheapest iPhone ever to the smartphone market this year. According to the reports this apple new product launch will be affordable for maximum apple lovers in the world.

Apple iPhone mini price could be 99 or 149 U.S. dollar when it will launch later this year(Rumours). This price may attract a bunch of people towards apple iPhone accept the launch of Samsung galaxy s4 this year.

Apple iphone mini in September 2012
Apple iphone mini in September 2012

One of the main reason to drop down the price of apple iPhone is to increase the number of buyers for iPhone who usually couldn’t afford the expensive cost for the brand. Reports also states,cheapest apple iPhone mini will carry cheaper small parts which are similar to the current handsets available in the market.

Further specifications about this mini iPhone explains that it will also work on “Multiple Wireless Networks” like other iPhone models. It is already specified in the early rumours that brand may use polycarbonate and some old components (which were used for discontinued iPhones) for the manufacturing of this latest apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5 has got lots of success in the previous year though statics say that Samsung dominates the smartphone market in 2012 year by launching Samsung galaxy s3 and galaxy s3 mini. Similar kind of situation may arise this year also because Samsung galaxy s4 is also coming in the market with more efficient specifications than galaxy s3.Apple is expecting this new iPhone mini to be the best smartphone of 2013.

Apple iPhone mini features are in such a way that it will have a small size with amazing apps which perfectly suit nicely to human pocket. The abbreviation ”smaller is better” will be proved true by this new launch in 2013 by apple if it take place later to the year.

As a small weapon can harm you a lot rather than a big one,apple is expecting a lot from this mini version of iPhone to rock in the smartphone market then any other mobile.Analysts also mention that apple will hold smartphone market share around 21% this year.

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