Dream Home Design Ideas for Our Heaven

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Home designing is categorized in two main parts that are home exterior designing and home interior designing. Hence we will discuss both types of designing one by one.Firstly we will discuss about exterior designing.

Exterior Designing

Our home describes about our personality and living standard.It shows how we live,and where we stand in the society. The outer look of our home should be so beautiful and clean so that it can create good image of us in front of the viewer.

Home exterior design by myluxidream

Exterior designing decides the base of home and creates first impact to our guests, neighbors and the people who passed from the road in front of our house. Modern home exteriors have lots of empty space in front of our home,and also some parking area in the side.

We have already discussed about exterior designing ideas in our articles. By using the designing ideas we can make our home like heaven.

Interior Designing

Importance of exterior designing we have seen already above.Interior design of a home is as important as its exterior design. Amazing interior of your home explores your great personality and lavish lifestyle. Everyone thinks about his own dream house and generally he doesn’t know how to get all ideas at the right place while building.

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Dream home interiors include various areas of our home like bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms etc. Today there are several kinds of magazines available in the market for interior designing of house that you can prefer for your home decoration. Home interior always contain certain amount of objects and necessary thing which are the basic needs of particular area.

Selection of that things must be in such a manner that they have beautiful color combination and are arranged according to your personal taste. For some vital areas of our home we have some ideas that we share further.

Interior designing has various areas that to be discussed. These areas include bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. Now we will discuss about these areas in brief.

1. Living Room

First impression is the last impression. This phrase is appropriate for home design also. Mainly our living room is the entrance room in our home. Luxury interior design of our living creates a phenomenal impact towards guests about our home decoration.

Living Room interior design by myluxidream

Beautiful objects and ornaments of living room increases the beauty of room. We have already discussed about the ideas and plans for living room in our previous posts. These articles may help you to get best designing ideas for your dream home.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important part of our home because here our mother, wife cooks food for us and makes it more delicious. Luxury interior design of your kitchen makes the environment so clean and beautiful for the lady to work.

Beautiful kitchen interior design by myluxidream

When we are looking forward to build our home, we mainly focus on kitchen designing and bedroom designing because these two are the major parts.

3. Bedroom

Bedroom is the key area of our home where we feel relax and sleep. Beauty rooms are the combination of color walls with the objects placed in bedroom.Our bedroom adds personal taste and views to our bedroom designs. There are several types of bedroom decoration style like contemporary, orientational and etc.

Bedroom interior design photo by myluxidream

Inspiring bedroom makes our home decoration so beautiful and leaves a great impact to the viewer. Normally, bedroom doesn’t need to be so much decorative or stylish but it must require attractiveness with the personal ideas and views regarding designing. It contains personal preferences.

4. Bathroom

Bathroom is also an essential part of our home designing.Now days we suppose to have big bathroom and attached with our room. Luxurious bathrooms include royal and beautiful sanitary ware.

Elegant bathroom interior design by myluxidream

We have discussed in our bathroom designing post about how to design a peaceful bathroom, beautiful bathroom or a luxurious bathroom. You can take some ideas from the posts.

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