FIFA World Cup Champions List of All Time

FIFA World Cup Winners List

FIFA World Cup Winners List

FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting tournament around the world which takes place in every 4-year time span since 1930. First edition of football world cup was won by Uruguay who defeated Argentina in the final and competition was hosted in Uruguay.

Brazil is the most successful team in FIFA World Cup as they are the champions of 5 trophies. Selecao won 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 world cups.

A total of 21 editions of soccer world cup have been concluded till date and next event is set to be staged in Qatar in 2022. Latest FIFA world cup champion was decided in Russia when France beat Croatia in the final of 2018 world cup to hold second title.

FIFA World Cup Winners List

Let’s checkout winners list of FIFA World Cup along with hosting countries and runners-up.

Champions of FIFA World Cup

1930 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia Italy
1938 Italy Hungary France
1950 Uruguay Brazil Brazil
1954 Germany Hungary Switzerland
1958 Brazil Sweden Sweden
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile
1966 England Germany England
1970 Brazil Italy Mexico
1974 Germany Netherlands Germany
1978 Argentina Netherlands Argentina
1982 Italy Germany Spain
1986 Argentina Germany Mexico
1990 Germany Argentina Italy
1994 Brazil Italy USA
1998 France Brazil France
2002 Brazil Germany Japan/South Korea
2006 Italy France Germany
2010 Spain Netherlands South Africa
2014 Germany Argentina Brazil
2018 France Croatia Russia
2022 TBC TBC Qatar


Which team do you think will be favorite to win 2022 world cup?

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