Healthy Food Guide for All Pregnancy Stages

Healthy food guide for pregnant lady

A pregnant mother should follow a few golden rules for keeping her pregnancy hale and hearty as well as her sole aim is to ensure excellent development for the fetus in her womb. Eating healthy and adherence to a healthy diet plan is the safest way to offer healthy nutrients to grow and mature the fetus at the end of the pregnancy trimesters.

There are three pregnancy stages, and according to doctors and nutritionists a carrying mother should follow a healthy diet guideline for all three pregnancy trimesters.

Healthy foods like whole grain foods, lean meats,  calcium enriched dairy foods, leafy vegetables, real fruits, nuts and seeds are all-time good foods for expecting mothers but with some meticulous planning and emphasis on good foods, diet planning for 10-month pregnancy can be full-proof.

Healthy food guide for pregnant lady

Check here a general healthy food guide for a pregnant lady in all through her pregnancy stages.

Fruits and vegetables are important in pregnancy diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain loads of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Besides these health friendly ingredients fruits and vegetables contain loads of fibers that keep digestive system clean.

One of the recurring problems of pregnancy is constipation. Regular intake of fruits helps in reducing the bout of constipation and keeps colon free.

Starchy foods shouldn’t be skipped

Starchy foods are significant sources of vital energy, so are for the expecting mothers. Starchy foods that pregnant ladies should include in their diet are potatoes, bread, rice, breakfast cereals, pasta, noodles, millet, maize, oats, yams, sweet potatoes, cornmeal, etc.

Potatoes with their skins on are better option for pregnancy diet because they contain more fiber. These are not high-calorie foods but contain sufficient vitamins and fiber bodies, which are beneficial for healthy digestive system of the expecting mother.

Protein foods in Pregnancy diet

Protein foods are immaculate source of energy and its amino acid contents are helpful for the overall development of the fetus.

Furthermore, sufficient protein intakes in pregnancy diet not only help the pregnant lady to acquire decent energy level, these foods helps in proper development of would-be-mother’s breasts and organs to accommodate the growing baby’s need. Some of the reliable protein foods that a pregnant lady should include in her diet are:

  • Lean meat without liver and without the skin,
  • Fish meal for omega 3 fatty acid supply, but positively without she should have fishes without mercury contents,
  • Eggs are good foods in pregnancy diet, but half boiled, scrambled, options are better in comparison to fried eggs,
  • Nuts for example, peanuts,
  • Beans,(kidney bean black beans, garbanzos)
  • Pulses for example, lentils,
  • Soy based products (soymilk, tofu) for abundant supply of plant protein.

Foods like eggs, burgers, poultry, sausages and whole cuts of meat such as lamb, beef and pork should be consumed in well-cooked condition.

Dairy foods are good for pregnancy diet

Dairy foods are calcium rich foods that help a carrying lady to get supply of calcium, which helps in proper formation of the fetus’s bone and dental health. However low fat variety dairy products are mostly recommended for inclusion in pregnancy diet.

Some of the most recommended dairy products are yogurt, cottage cheese, Parmesan Cheese, skimmed milk, cheddar cheese, etc.

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Some options of healthy snacks for pregnancy diet

Pregnant mothers feel hunger pang frequently during pregnancy stages like 2nd and 3rd trimester and doctors often suggest them to have some healthy snacks between two big meals.

Pregnant ladies suffering from dizziness and nausea can get relief by taking small quantity of healthy snacks during their 1st trimester also. Some of the options of healthy snacks for pregnancy diet are:

  • Salads with carrot, celery, cucumber,
  • Brown bread and butter in moderation,
  • Low-fat lower-sugar yogurt
  • Fresh and dry fruits mixed salads,
  • Buttermilk,
  • Different types of soups,
  • Milky drinks with different types of fruits flavor,
  • Unsweetened breakfast cereals, or homemade porridge with milk,
  • Baked beans on toast or baked potatoes with celery and sprinkled with black pepper.

Foods should be taken with restriction/moderation

Foods that are high in fat and sugary content should be consumed during all pregnancy stages with strict moderation. Some of these so called prohibited foods are:

  • Butter and oil
  • Salad dressings,
  • Cream, Chocolates, pastries, cake,
  • Ice-cream, pudding, fizzy drinks, etc.
  • Cream and fried biscuits and cookies.

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Supplements to be included in pregnancy diets:

Carrying ladies should include some supplements all along their pregnancy stages in their diet plan for better level of comfort and for ensuring better baby growth. These are:

In 1st trimester

  • A pregnant lady should include folic acid based foods and supplements.
  • She should include ginger supplements or ginger treated drinks to reduce the bout of nausea.

2nd Trimester

  • Pregnancy diet during this pregnancy stage must include iron based foods or iron supplements,
  • Calcium supplements will help the carrying lady to get better bone development for the baby as well as her personal bone health.

3rd Trimester

In this stage a lady should try:

  • Calcium rich foods or calcium supplements,
  • Vitamin-D supplements.

However it is important for pregnant ladies to get a detailed diet plan from her attending doctor. This diet plan can be made according to specific health need and deficiencies, if any, of the concerned pregnant lady. Before following a pregnancy diet plan, it is important to check the same with the attending doctor to be sure about its suitability.

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