How to Avoid Depression During Pregnancy

Woman mood swings during pregnancy

It is generally observed that during pregnancy 33% carrying mothers suffer from anxiety disorder or clinical depression, whereas it is a general myth that merrier mothers give birth of healthy babies.

The problem of depression during pregnancy needs to be treated as early as possible and in most of the cases doctors prefer to suggest natural remedies for the pregnant ladies suffering from the problem of depression and anxiety.

Woman mood swings during pregnancy

However, before we start discussing about the problem of depression during pregnancy, let’s take a look at its recurring symptoms.

  • Remaining at depressed state for more than 2 week time.
  • Suffering from mood swing frequently.
  • Recurring feeling of low energy, poor concentration, and feeling disheartened without any reason.
  • Suicidal tendency due to some unexplained guilt.
  • Feeling sleepy but not getting adequate sleep.

Recurring bout of depression is not only harmful for the pregnant woman, but it can impact negative on the growth of the fetus in mom’s womb. The good news is there are some easy ways to combat depression during pregnancy.

Practice yoga session

Prenatal yoga practice is indeed a good natural therapy for carrying mothers. However, it should be practiced under expert monitoring of a yoga expert. It has been clinically observed that regular practice of yoga helps in managing stress, anxiety, and depression of the pregnant ladies. Before starting yoga, a pregnant lady must take prior permission from her attending gynecologist.

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Allow to have adequate sleep

Rest and sound sleep is one of the best natural therapies for a pregnant lady. It helps her to cope with anxiety and panic associated to this 9-month pregnancy period. It might get sometimes difficult to have adequate sleep, but regular practice of yoga, free-hand exercise, as well as long breathing will help a carrying lady to get relaxed. It is easier to get into sound sleep on relaxed state of mind.

Reading good books

It is rightly said that the books are our best silent friends. A carrying lady will enjoy excellent relaxed state of mind by reading good books. Reading good books helps a pregnant lady to get rid of the problem of depression. It is also believed that reading good and thoughtful words create placid and calming effect on the baby in womb. In both the ways reading good books is beneficial for a pregnant lady.

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Get connected with good friends and relatives

Depression can simply make a person isolated and lonely.  This happens for a pregnant lady as well. The usual sluggishness this phase makes a pregnant lady inactive and due to restricted mobility she becomes the prey of depression.  One of the most jovial ways to fight the bout of depression is to get connected with friends and relatives and share good words with them.

If visiting friends’ or relatives’ places is not feasible due to physical constraint, the leverage of social media and internet technology can be used at its best. Communicating via Facebook, Twitter is a good way to enjoy hang out with friends and family. Staying connected will help surely to control the problem of depression.

Enjoy some relaxed moments

Relaxing does not mean taking nap or sleeping for longer time. A carrying lady can find some other ways to enjoy relaxing moments like listening to favorite music, watching good movies, or pursuing hobbies like doing painting, performing light pruning as well as watering trees in garden etc.

These creative hobbies are excellent ways to drain anxieties and enjoying good moments of joy. Remaining active and happy is the best way to tart away from depression during pregnancy.

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Avail professional help

Sometimes trying all the aforementioned tips may not yield good result for fighting depression. This is the right situation to contact a professional counselor. With counseling therapy a pregnant family can come out of this cognitive problem.

Medication can help

Sometimes medication for depression can help to solve the situation. In these cases other than the pregnant lady, members of her family should recognize the unusual course of depression and take initiative for medical consultation. There are medicines that can help to come out this depressive state of mind.

Pregnancy induced depression is common. However, in these cases one has to be active and realistic in understanding the problem from practical point of view. Once the problem is recognized, it becomes easier to find the solution. Natural remedy for depression during pregnancy is easy indeed but in cases these tips cannot procure good results, it is necessary to contact for professional medical help.

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Think about medication

If you’re on medication for depression or anxiety, you might think you should stop them when you find out you’re pregnant. But that may not necessarily be the right solution, because the chances of relapse are high. Your doctor can help you decide how serious your symptoms are. “You’re always weighing the risks of the medication versus the risk of the untreated illness,” Treece said.

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