How to design Yellow Living Room

The way a room is designed can have a huge impact on the look of the entire house. The way you design and decorate a room also reveals a lot about your own personality. The living room is undoubtedly the heart of any home and choosing the bold yellow for this room is a very powerful and good choice for any homemaker or decorator.

Yellow living room design ideas by myluxidream

Yellow living room design ideas

Why yellow is a great choose for the living room

The color yellow signifies many things and hence choosing this beautiful color for your living room reveals a lot to your guests. A guest entering the yellow living room will immediately know that

  • You are a bold person who is not afraid to take risks since using the color yellow is always a risk. Yellow is a color that can overshadow and overwhelm and hence not everyone has the style and skill to be able to decorate well using the color.
  • Interior designer Amanda says “Yellow is a passionate and emotional color. It displays a lot of passion and spirit to the onlooker”.
  • At the same time, there are few colors as sophisticated as yellow. Interior designer Amanda says “It can instantly make your living room look more luxuriant and elegant.”
  • Yellow has the potential to be as soothing as it can be fiery. Hence a yellow living room can soothe the mind as well.
Most beautiful yellow living room interior design picture

Most beautiful yellow living room interior design

Different ways of using yellow

It is quite obvious that yellow is an excellent choice when it comes to decorating ideas for the living room. There are many different ways in which you can incorporate the color yellow into your living room. These are through paint or furniture.

Use of yellow walls

Lovely living room decorating ideas

Lovely living room decorating ideas

A very common, popular and bold way of incorporating yellow into your living room is by painting one or more of the walls of the living room yellow. This is a risky move since it cannot be easily undone or replaced like a piece of furniture. It instantly makes a statement and captures the eyes of the viewer.

  • You can paint only one wall of your living room yellow. This is the more common way of creating a yellow room. Making only one wall yellow shifts the focus of the eye to that wall and highlights the color superbly. The contrast with the lighter shade of the other walls makes the yellow wall stand out even more.
  • You could go the bolder route and make all of the walls yellow. This adds a soothing and calmer look to the room since yellow becomes a part of the background rather than sticking out. It is smart to go for understated furniture of light colors with such a room.
Amazing yellow color living room design

Amazing yellow color living room design

Use of furniture and accessories

A yellow living room can also be created using the furniture and accessories in the room. There are many different options you can go for.

  • Yellow curtains look very similar to yellow walls but are not as risky. You can easily replace them if you feel the need.
  • A yellow rug can add an exotic and beautiful look to your living room.

What are your views on designing a yellow living room?

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