How to Get Pregnant Fast

Best tips by myluxidream to get pregnant fast

Now while you have decided to get your family extended, you must have thought about getting pregnant as fast as possible. But have you thought of a plan to get the fruit in your womb sooner?

Doctors suggest these days to be active from the beginning to get pregnant faster than leaving the issue simply on the natural course. Here we have suggested a few tips, which will surely help you to get your baby making quicker and hassle free.

Best tips by myluxidream to get pregnant fast

Withdraw all types of birth control method you were using

This is in fact the basic requirement for getting pregnant. Once you have decided for bringing your progeny to this world, you need to withdraw all sorts of contraceptives. You can speak to your doctor about this withdrawal process as well and avail necessary suggestion from him.

Follow a healthy diet and recommended supplements

Ask your doctor and do some online research to know the fertility foods you can include in your diet. Change your diet into a healthy diet and incorporate more mercury-free fish items to get supply of omega 3 fatty acids. Folic acid supplements are considered one of the fertility boosters; however, you can have green vegetables also to give your system a support of natural fertility boost.

Also plan your diet in a way so that you can avail the ideal body weight for your desired pregnancy. If you are overweight, you need to plan your diet in a way so that you can shed some extra weight. In case you are underweight, you need to gain the gap before you get pregnant.

Stop smoking, caffeine intake, boozing

Smoking, active and passive both, are injurious to health and boosts sterility. Therefore if you want to get pregnant fast, you must skip the habit of smoking immediately. Similarly, the habit of boozing is an unhealthy one and is not good for a lady who is planning to get pregnant to you need to leave this habit too.

Like boozing and smoking the habit of drinking caffeine based drinks is not good for a healthy reproductive system. Instead of caffeine based tea or coffee, you can start drinking green tea. The antioxidant support of this herbal drink will keep you alert and fresh all day long.

Find out your fertile days

Your chance of pregnancy can be more positive if you target your ovulation days because these days are counted as most productive days for a lady planning for her baby. Check your ovulation calendar and find out your most fertile days. However, do not get stressed because stress can reduce the chance of conception.

Utilize your ovulation period

You can use ovulation detector kit for finding your best ovulation period. Doctors have suggested that enjoying coitus during these days will increase the chance of pregnancy. In case you cannot detect your ovulation period specifically, you can consult your doctor for further suggestion.

Do’s and don’ts you should follow

It is said that following some dos and don’ts you can increase your chance of pregnancy.


  • After coitus try to rest on back at least for next 15-20 minutes.
  • Enjoy the sex before going to bed so that you can enjoy some rest after the coitus.
  • It is better to enjoy the stay together: you better not to treat it as a medical compulsion.


  • Do not use any lubricant: instead use natural oil if needed,
  • Do not worry if you fail to have an orgasm: fertilization is not associated to orgasm.
  • Do not worry about postures: actually there is nothing called pregnancy friendly postures. The chance remains everywhere same.

Get preg test kits handy

Keep your preg test kit ready. If you miss your period next month, it is high time you should do the teat to be sure of the pregnancy.

Do not get depressed if you fail to achieve your goal this month! Relax

However it might be the case that although you have missed your scheduled date of menstruation cycle your preg test has shown that you are not pregnant yet. Nothing to worry about it! Sometime preg test does not offer you right result. In case you missed your menstruation cycle for next 15 days, speak to your doctor.

Or maybe you have missed the chance this time. In that case, you have to try again.

Practice yoga to keep up your energy and stamina level naturally

Getting pregnant may take some time. You have to be motivated and determined to get your goal religiously. You can try and practice yoga to keep your stamina level up and to stay focused at your goal. 15 minutes yoga session in the morning and evening will keep you healthy and happy.

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Try these tips and we hope that you will get pregnant fast! In case you have not got the expected result by next 2-3-month time, you should speak to your gynecologist for detailed checkup of you and your partner’s reproductive health.

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