Kitchen Open Shelves Ideas, Tips with Photos

Kitchen Open Shelves ideas

Kitchen Open Shelves ideas

To have open shelves in the kitchen or not is a very personal decision. You will find that people vote both in favor and against the idea. Those who are against the idea have two main reasons – one is the dust that open shelves gather and second is how they do not really look organized.

Well, the first one is a practical problem and with open shelves you will have to take extra care of the dust that tends to gather but the second reason does not hold much water. The whole idea behind putting open shelves is to organize the kitchen space more than the way it is at the moment.

Kitchen Open Shelves decorating tips
Kitchen Open Shelves decorating tips

There are some other advantages that open shelves offer like:

– Increase in storage space: You can have open shelves in addition to cupboards and in places where cupboards might not be practical.

– Kitchen looks airy and bigger: Cupboards occupy a lot of space while shelves just need a pair of brackets and hence they make the kitchen look spacious

– Warmth in the kitchen: With some pots and pans on display, the kitchen feels like a warm place and not like an industrial set up where everything is clinically hidden from view.

– Budget solutions: Cupboards are expensive to install as compared with shelves. Shelves can fit any budget and therefore ideal for all kitchens

– About dust and being organized: With open shelves, you will need to be careful about dust but it is just a small price to pay for a rather interesting solution. As far as organization is concerned, with open shelves, you will be compelled to keep things organized so in the long run it does make more sense.

Kitchen Open Shelves ideas
Kitchen Open Shelves ideas

There are many ways in which shelves can be organized in a kitchen. Lets have a look at some ways in which you can make your kitchen look good with open shelves –

Shelves can add color to the kitchen

If your kitchen looks plain and dull, you can go in for some colored shelves to add a dash of color. With colored shelves you can be sure that you are not overdoing the color bit. Choose a color that compliments the interiors of your kitchen and acts as a focus point in the kitchen.

Shelf design

An open shelf is essentially two brackets on which a display platform is kept. The brackets can be made in wrought iron or wood or metal. They can be ornate or plain depending on the look that you wish. The shelf can be a piece of glass or wood. It could be plain and straight or it could be curved to add a little character to it.

Tiered shelves

It might be a good idea to fix a pair of shelves. These can be placed one under the other or a little offset depending on the space available.

Shelf wall

An entire wall can be dedicated to open storage shelves. Here, you can experiment with the geometry and instead of regular shelves at same intervals, you can create a collage with some openings bigger than the others while others smaller. This will be practical too for there are always jars and containers of different sizes which need to be places on these shelves.

Shelves can be anywhere

Open shelves do not occupy much space so you can place them anywhere in the kitchen without thinking too much. They need not be very large in depth, even smaller ones can be used to keep things.

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