Mood Swing During Pregnancy – A common problem for pregnant lady

Woman mood swings during pregnancy

So the good news has arrived! Your family is going to multiply soon! Mood swings are something with which you should make yourself comfortable with! Hormonal changes that will arise due to the fluctuating levels of neurotransmitters (brain’s chemical messenger) will give you endless mood swings.

You can also mood swings with the thought that the parenting life is going to start for you in a while. What you have loved earlier may turn up your biggest nightmare now and the nightmares may seem to interest you? This feeling is going to twist beyond your imagination.

Woman mood swings during pregnancy

The response of females to these changes varies in each case. The flares in moodiness also fluctuate up and down during growing time frame. Like for the initial 6-10 weeks its high and reduces in the second phase and slowly regain with the arrival of the delivery time. These heightened emotions experienced by would be moms could be a combination of good and bad but the most common one is the depression.

You are pregnant, enjoy it!

Pregnancy is the biggest gift acquired by a female and the thought of having a baby should be sufficient to override all stress. The thought of the happiness that you will have while you will hold the baby will overwhelm you and at the same time your physical condition may stress you.

Whether you will be able to handle the baby may worry you and at the same time the thought of your baby’s smile may give you endless happiness. Some mother’s are also concerned with their relationship with their spouse after the arrival of the baby.

You wanted baby but what lie ahead is something terrifies you. World had turned so competitive that a mother starts feeling the pressure before her baby has come to the world. Even what she is reading leaves a question if she is going on the right note? Whether the products used is the correct one or if she will be able to deliver a healthy child- all these thoughts keep on puzzling her?

Physical appearance

A pregnant lady is the most beautiful creation of the nature but often looks too unattractive. The excess weight affecting her curves to accommodate pregnancy may worry her all the time. Her partner’s reaction towards her changing look may also annoy her.

Frequent urination, vomiting, sudden fatigue and heartburn can also provide tough time to would be mother.  One could feel that she had lost her control on her own life. This is enough to take you to the roller coaster of emotion if you are also expecting.

Ways to control the roller coaster of mood swings

First of all you need to understand that you are not sick and having emotional upheaval at this moment is natural and try to accept these emotional fluctuations. This confidence will support you during turbulent times.

Females often get so pre occupied with planning of the arrival of the new member of the family that they stop pampering themselves. Planning for the new baby is the right thing that you are doing but planning at the cost of ignoring yourself could be the most wrong decision one could ever take.

You may have a list of to-do list but don’t forget to pen yourself in the top of the list. It is highly essential while taking care of yourself.

Often the females outbursts personally which affect them a lot and cluing your spouse about your condition is the best thing you could do. Remember to spend ample of time with your spouse- a vacation if possible. Your relationship should strengthen with this new member. In case if you are a single parent than try to nurture your bonding with all those you love.

Remember to keep the best person in the world happy-yourself. In no regards avoid your happiness as it is what highly needed to nurture the baby inside. Whatever including spending time with your spouse, a prenatal massage, outing with a pal or anything you love, do that!

Don’t forget to talk! Your worries could be aired if you talk about it. It helps in dissipating them with ease. There should be no communication gap in between you and your spouse. Your partner should also get the equal right to open his heart to you.

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Manage the level of stress! It’s too easy to develop the stress and it is even easier to manage them if you know how to deal with it. Easily you can do it by taking proper nap, healthy eating, right exercise and wisely making your to-do list. Practicing meditation, yoga therapy, relaxation techniques are some helping methods too! You can also try a personal counselor.

What if the mood swings are still beyond your control?

In case if it continues for more than 15 days without any recovery then consulting your practitioner and taking aid of an experienced counselor will be a great idea.

Almost all females face depression during their pregnancy and if it happens frequently then you may have some kind of anxiety disorder. If this depression is a serious one than it may turn to mania too so remember to take assistance of needed person before it is too late!

Treating yourself medically is important as it may have an adverse effect on the baby if not treated on time. Preterm labor or postpartum depression is what you are likely to have if you don’t treat it on time. Psychotherapy with correct medication is what going to heal you and help you! Remember to share what you feel to have stress free pregnancy life.

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Final verdict

You are gifted with the best gift of the nature and do not forget to enjoy it! Remember you are going to add life to this world and no one but you have this power. So keep on enjoying this time, the adventurous life will start once the baby is born! Keep smiling and enjoying every minute changes that occurs inside you and with every kick of the baby don’t forget to smile and recollect this moment!

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