Problems you may face while trying to get pregnant

Woman mood swings during pregnancy

Unlike popular romantic stories and some personal incidents shared by friends and relatives, getting pregnant sometimes is not that easy. Couples striving to get qualified for parenthood may not get success at one go. Different reasons are there which may work as triggers and create roadblock for pregnancy.

Let’s check here the common problems you may face while trying to get pregnant. An idea about these problems will help you to evaluate your situation and help you to take tight decision about your pregnancy.

There can be both male and female complications causing problem in getting pregnancy. Starting from low sperm count to irregular menstrual cycle, anything can be the reason behind your sterility. Check these common situations and tally your problem with these situations.

Irregularities in menstruation cycle

Do you have irregular or prolonged or too short periods?  You may have less than 21 days as gap or more than 35 days gap between two periods and in these two cases you need to speak to your gynecologist.

Are you suffering from irregular period? Do you get your periods timely and recurrently in every month? If not, you need to notify your doctor for due treatment course.

Intermittent bleeding

Do you face the problem of intermittent bleeding between two periods? If yes, you have to speak to your doctor and ask for his/her advice.


Are you overweight?  If yes, you need to reduce your body weight in order to get fit and healthy. Sometimes obesity acts as a problem to get pregnant. If your body mass index is more than 25,  you should consider yourself as obese.. Similarly those are underweight can get hard time in getting pregnant.  In both the cases, you need to speak to your doctor for right suggestion for controlling obesity/gaining weight.

Tendency to excessive exercise

Are you an exercise freak? Sometimes exercise can act as villain in your plan to get pregnant. In these cases you should speak to your gynecologist about your right treatment process to have pregnancy at due course.

Medical history of chronic diseases

In case you have some chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension etc., or you had gone through the treatment of cancer in your early days, the side effects of medicine may act as a hindrance in getting pregnancy in due course. If you ever had the problem of depression and you had taken antidepressants?  You should speak to your doctor about your medical history to find some treatment backup for overcoming this medical sterile condition.

Apart from these common female issues, you may have some issues from your partner resulting in blockades in pregnancy. In these cases, check these common male problems that may lead to sterility and delay in getting pregnant.

Ask your partner a few questions before you consult a specialist. These are:

  • Does he experience blood in ejaculation?
  • Have your partner had mumps before?
  • Have he had any sort of injury in testicles?
  • Have you had vasectomy?
  • Does your partner have genetic history of cystic fibrosis?
  • Is he overweight with body mass more than 25?
  • Have he had the medical history of peptic ulcer?
  • Is he diabetic?

If answer to any of these questions is yes, you can speak to your gynecologist; these existing male issues may cause problem in your desired pregnancy.

Lifestyle issues

Apart from physical discrepancies, some life style issues may create problem for you in getting pregnant easily. Check these points mentioned here and tally your lifestyle with the points. In case you have found similarities, you can speak to your doctors or you can try to modify your habit.

  • Are you prone to have junk foods more? Do you love eating outside more than eating homemade foods? Lack of healthy diet in your lifestyle is a great hindrance in getting pregnant.
  • Do you have habit of smoking or boozing? These two habits are great enemies for you to get pregnant.
  • Have you had been exposed to environments hazards? If yes, that may be one of the potent reasons preventing your pregnancy.
  • Do you lead a stressful life? If yes, you need to reduce stress from your life because excessive stress may cause sterility.
  • Excessive intake of caffeine may cause delay in getting pregnant.
  • Do you take regular medications? Check with your doctor if any of these medications are not pregnancy friendly.
  • Do you have the habit of taking drugs as recreation? If yes, you have to withdraw the habit immediately.
  • If you have a genetic history of sterility you need to speak to your doctor.

Conjugal issues

Conjugal issues can create problem in getting pregnant for you. Although these are completely personal issues but check these issues also to make your pregnancy a natural process.

  • Do you enjoy coitus less than at least 2 times a week? Or by any chance do you suffer from pain at the time of coitus?
  • Sometimes you partner may have some ejaculation problem: these problems may include erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. In both the case you need to speak to your doctor for treatment.
  • Have you had ever any type of pelvic inflammatory disease? If yes, inform you doctor.
  • Have you had an episode of ectopic pregnancy?
  • Have you had a surgery on your abdomen (eg, a ruptured appendix)?

If you found any of these issues are relevant and you are facing some of these problems in your life, you need to discuss the issues with your doctor. May be these  are the roadblocks of your much desired pregnancy.

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