Rolls Royce Launches new showroom in Hyderabad

Rolls Royce Logo

Rolls Royce Logo

Luxury car brand Rolls Royce new showroom opens in India.Latest showroom of rolls royce in India is situated at Hyderabad. Famous Kun motoren has got the authority to handle the newly launched third showroom of rolls royce in Hyderabad. Other two dealers of rolls royce are available in Delhi and Maharashtra.

Rolls Royce has made some special plans for growing Indian car market in luxury segment. Brand has decided to release new model edition cars in India by seeing the fact that it is the fastest growing country in luxurious car segment. Rolls Royce car lovers in Hyderabad can purchase their desire rolls model from the second floor of luxury car hub Kun motoren.

Rolls Royce Logo
Rolls Royce Logo

It is also reported that rolls royce is going to inaugurate two more dealerships this year.The official announcement of two new rolls royce showroom in India will be done at Geneva motor show 2013 next month.

On this new showroom launching occasion,the Asia Pacific Regional Director (Rolls Royce) Paul Harris exclaimed that they were excited to work with Kun Motoren as their dealer partner in Hyderabad region.

He also added that introduction of a new retail facility in India,would allow them to reach the customers with the same high standards set by brand all around to the world. Latest new rolls royce showroom is based on brand’s latest global standards and it is having impressive,attractive and luxurious space architecture.

New showroom has the wide space area of 5,400 square foot. Recent rolls royce showroom also features a lounge where customers can get the information and details of their dream rolls royce car. Rolls brand is known for providing top class luxury models in car segment.

Each and every model of rolls royce is manufactured and designed in such a way that it will be the last rolls royce car in the world. If we talk about India,there are 250 plus users of rolls royce vehicle.

All time richest Indian,former Nizam of Hyderabad is the owner of more than 50 rolls royce cars. This is the great achievement for an indian to have 50 plus most luxurious cars of best luxury car brand in the world. This is one of the main reason to open new rolls royce showroom in Hyderabad city.

Hyderabad showroom director Vasanthi Bhupati has committed to deliver beautiful top class car models to higher level customers in India. He was looking too much excited on the opening ceremony of showroom.

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