Why You Should be Concerned About Pregnancy Calendar

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Pregnancy is a 9-month journey of baby making but everything happens inside the womb. Therefore it is not possible always for the parents to know how the baby is growing up and what are the best care and precautionary methods a mother should adopt to keep her baby safe and healthy.

A pregnancy calendar is one such chart that helps would-be-parents to track pregnancy with a pre conceived guideline.

Pregnancy calendar photo

A pregnancy Calendar is a customized logbook in the form of calendar for the 10-month pregnancy of a lady and it is mostly made month-wise and week-wise. However, daily calendar is also available online, where a carrying mother can check her pregnancy development even at daily basis.

The main motivation for following a pregnancy tracking calendar is keeping a silent watch on the baby’s growth by observing health pregnancy symptoms, keeping a conscious eye on mother’s diet, and coping with the ensuing demand of the motherhood, etc.

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Pregnancy calendar helps in knowing the pregnancy symptoms

According to gynecologists, every pregnancy is unique, so are the symptoms. However, there are some general symptoms of pregnancy which every expecting mother should know. This helps would be mothers to remain alert as well as the awareness keeps away panic and anxiety related to baby birth and healthy baby mothering.

A pregnancy calendar describes in details about the most probable pregnancy symptoms week wise. A carrying mother can check the symptoms from the calendar and can tally her own symptoms. If she finds anything unique or abnormal issue, she can readily call her doctor for an expert/emergency consultation.

This symptom studying can yield excellent result in advanced stage of pregnancy where the mother can detect if anything is out of the way and accordingly, can take proper step immediately.

Pregnancy calendar offers proper “to do” chart

A pregnancy calendar offers detailed suggestion for the ideal activity list of a carrying mother and it is divided in three trimesters. It can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Essential to do list for the entire period of pregnancy: what the activities a carrying mother should perform
  • To do list for 1st trimester: the activities a carrying mother should perform during 1st trimester,
  • To do list for 2nd trimester: the activities a carrying mother should perform during 2nd trimester,
  • To do list for 3rd trimester: the activities a carrying mother should perform during 3rd trimester,

These guidance and suggestions are offered by best gynecologists with global repute. However, a carrying lady can use this list as a basic guidance; other than pregnancy calendar she should ask her doctor for her ideal activity charts to be on the safest side of her baby making process.

Pregnancy calendar offers ideal diet chart

Right diet is one of the most important issues for a carrying mother and by following proper diet a pregnant lady can give birth to a healthy baby at the end of her pregnancy.

A doctor as well as a dietician can make a good diet chart for a pregnant lady on demand, but with a quality pregnancy calendar a carrying mother can form an idea about her pregnancy diet according to her pregnancy phase by her own.

Pregnancy calendar charts the danger signs

Learning about the danger signs of pregnancy is important for a mother because she is the person who can sense the abnormal health condition in its initial occurrence.

Danger signs vary in different pregnancy stages, and a pregnant mother should have a clear idea about these danger signs. By consulting a pregnancy calendar a carrying mother can learn all the probable danger signals and can remain double alert.

How to make a pregnancy calendar

Making an online pregnancy calendar is easy and it is best done with online available free pregnancy calculator. Once it is formed, the pregnant lady will get next 40 weeks pregnancy development plan divided into three pregnancy trimesters.

She can check all her pregnancy related information via this calendar or accordingly do online research for finding trimester wise different information.

Pregnancy is a complicated process and it is better to avail best possible precaution during this period.  A pregnancy calendar is a supportive tool that makes pregnancy management easier. However, it is always wise to use pregnancy calendar only from authorized resource and a pregnant lady should remain under the expert supervision of a professional gynecologist.

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